Meet Petey the Ass Sniffing Dog

I have no idea how these people were able to train this dog to sniff asses or how this even worked but it’s awesome. He’s a pervert dog on the loose in a park somewhere in Latin America and stealthily attacks his victims ass with pure precision. Wait for the end of it, he takes it to a new level. He even hides behind trees until his victims are comfortable, either his owner is a straight up sexual predator or this dog is part human.

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Maurica Rodriguez Online Dating Profile

I feel sorry for the guys that actually wake up next he-she’s that look like this, you know they are out there with an eternal secret like that, and it’s the guys that act the most macho that end up doing shit like that. If you ever want to play a evil joke on your family, bring someone like this to a family party or introduce them to your parents as your fiance, your mom will shit a break and your dad will disown you, but it will be funny as hell.

Back in the day we would see Guido’s hanging with them at clubs, always freaked me out. Anyway, this shit is funny, this comedian is a great character actor… “That’s it”

Good Night with Olivia Munn

Yes, Olivia Munn is amazing, I wish I had the time to watch her new show Perfect Couples, which I don’t think will last very long, though I could be wrong, she has the nerd demographic on lock. However I just can’t watch 30 minutes of a bunch of couples and their stupid issues. It’s the type of stuff you don’t want to hear when your friend starts talking about it for too long (I am always there to lend an ear but not for the whole day ya know), you have to pull one of those quick escape comments like “yeah crazy man, women!! haha so have you seen whose on the cover of the new playboy?” boom your out and if the friend goes back into girlfriend talk, that’s when you just leave, walk right out, fake a stomach ache.

Noureen DeWulf Hotness

Noureen DeWulf is best known as the hot indian chick from The Hard Times of RJ Berger which is coming back to MTV for it’s second season and I love it, if you haven’t seen it yet you should, it’s basically Napoleon Dynamite meets Boogie Nights meets Superbad to sum it up. She’s an beautiful exotic actress and hopefully we will see more of her soon.

maxim shot

Maxim bikini

maxim clevage

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Roast of Donald Trump – The Situation Bombs

Not surprisingly Jersey Shore’s Situation bombs horribly at the Roast of Donald Trump, it wasn’t so much the jokes but the horrible delivery and his unnecessary cockiness. The good thing for Comedy Central and The Sitch, is that this has gone viral and probably has done more good than bad. I mean I wouldn’t have even known about it if people didn’t tell me how bad he bombed. “No need to clap, he already has it”.

I love the youtube comments, the best one that nails it is “This is more awkward than walking´╗┐ in on your parents having sex.”

Cat Sushi

I’m watching the Sharktank show (venture capitalists offer entrepreneurs money and deals where they negotiate on the spot) and this guy created magnetic collar stays, which is fucking semi-genius, I hate the Saturday Night Fever shirts, it looks cheap and tacky and I always lose the metal ones I get from Express or Bloomingdales. This dude put a magnet with a collar stay and boom he is in 170 Nordstrom stores with this cool but fucking kind of stupid product. It pisses me off that everyone in the world is making money and I am not. So one day I had this crazy idea a while back about creating a high end Cat Sushi brand and calling it Coochie, the ad tagline would be “Because everyone loves Coochie”, if anyone wants to invest beep me.

Best of Zed from Police Academy

If you never watched the Police Academy series then you’re an idiot or too young to know a goddamn good movie. Actually go ahead and rent it right now, RENT POLICE ACADEMY 2. It’s funny and stupid funny, which is my favorite. Zed was an absolute maniac punk retard, someone I would hang out with for sure. I loved these movies growing up, the dynamic characters, occasional boobage and just utter stupidity. The Zed and Sweetchuck relationship was the best of all.


Remember Dirty Ass Puck?,

Back in the “P.C” 90’s when young people were mature, cared about the world and had real life political issues. A wild, wacky, booger eating character named Puck showed up on MTV’s Real World, he was half bike messenger, half California caveman. He’s the cousin you laugh at but secretly want to punch in the face when he’s sleeping. This is when I used to watch the Real World before it became, drunk young kids who fight, fuck and party. I mean I love all three of those things but why do I want to waste time watching it. Anyway, Puck is the shit, I love his abrasiveness, he didn’t give a shit. They are actually making an MTV Special based on Pedro’s story, which is like 12 years late but the guy playing Puck is some half model dude. Long Live Puck, this guy needs his own show again.

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Scorsese’s Italian American

Thanks to Chimp Ro’ for sending this:

I love Scorsese, watched everyone of his movies, Goodfellas to the point I can act out every scene, while smoking a cigarette and riding a tricycle. I love these recordings, his mom is funny, she reminds me of my mother in many ways. If you respect the director, you can appreciate how passionate he was about film making, almost bordering on obsession. Both his parents were in many of his films. In those days, an Italian American went out and got “real jobs”, and they didn’t work in film, so you can see his parents supported him, which I respect.