Rich for No Good Reason – HD Vision Glasses

You know the guy that has that huge goddamn boat, and the crazy huge mansion, along with the gleaming new Masserati and the hot way younger wife. I’m talking about the guy you kind of hate and kind of admire and wish you really were. If you are obsessed with living the dream like me, you look at those retarded huge houses, expensive cars, and wonder how the fuck did he/she do that? What the hell did he do to buy these amazing things? Live this life?

The Answer: He invents semi useless products that people buy in the millions, because people are foolish (remember pet rock), thus the HD Vision glasses, similar ones were sold in the 80’s and made these people millions while I can barely afford to buy a decent pair of boxers.

This PRODUCT will make you RICH. So go create something that people will think they need and enjoy the good life. Why? Because the good life does exist.

Rich Guy Hot Wife

Mansion Parking Garage

Millionaire Parking Garage


Rich Mansion

Rich guy jumping off boat

Rich guy jumping off boat


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