Living the Dream – April Focus on Yoga King Bikram Choudhury

Who is Bikram Choudury? He is a multi-millionaire yoga guru, specializing in a popular form called hot yoga where people bend and move around in 105 degree tents in next to nothing, bikinis, speedos, thongs. Why is he our Living the Dream April Focus, because woman adore the man, he’s a larger than life figure and if you know yoga it’s like 94% women. He doesn’t just teach it with sweat pants on, he rocks a speedo and all his followers have no choice but to strip down in bikinis because at 105 you are not wearing heavy clothes.

According to wikipedia Bikram owns over 40 Rolls Royces and Bentleys, has 100s of expensive watches. The man also told Madonna to go f herself when she asked for private lessons, he doesn’t play that celebrity crap. He’s the rock star of freaking yoga mannnnn.

I know he’s married and this may not be true, but he has to be pulling in some fit and sexy, sweaty hotties and let me add, making MILLIONS. He is the Hugh Hefner of yoga my friends and I salute him. Yoga is not easy, yes I’ve done it before via P90x and it’s serious. Also if a chick mentions that she’s into yoga you should pursue her, trust me…


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